Google USA Pressured By Casteists Into Cancelling Talk By Dalit Activist

On the occasion of Dalit History Month in April 2022, Tanuja Gupta, a senior manager at Google News in the USA, invited Thenmozhi Soundararajan (who runs a nonprofit organisation called Equality Labs) to deliver a talk on the topic of caste discrimination. But two days before the scheduled talk, Google News, under pressure from various senior personnel, decided to cancel the talk. The decision was taken, ironically, by the Chief Diversity Officer of Google News, among other officers!

Grabbed Temple Land Must Be Freed For Public Use

All over India most of the temples have landed property and wealth. Conservatively, it is estimated that there are about 24 lakh temples in the country. The State of Tamil Nadu has the highest number followed by Maharashtra. Lakhs of acres of land has been under the ownership of these temples managed by trusts under the provision of Temple Endowment Act, framed some time back in 1863 and followed even after independence.

Campaign Against Bulldozer Raj

On May Day 2022 (May 1) CPIML launched a month-long all-India campaign to inspire people to resist Bulldozer Raj – the BJP’s vicious anti-poor and anti-Muslim campaign to target and raze down homes and shops of Muslims and the working poor by branding them 'Bangladeshis' and 'rioters'. A brief report of highlights of the campaign follows.