Autonomy and Abortion: Potential Reversal of Roe v Wade

“The first division of labour is that between man and woman for the propagation of children”, wrote Marx and Engels in an unpublished manuscript. Indeed, the bearing of a child imposes a heavy burden on a woman, even when the pregnancy may not have been a matter of choice for her. In this view, the recognition of her agency to choose to terminate the pregnancy is a matter of utmost importance in the upliftment of women and the realization of gender equality.

Split Verdict on Marital Rape

Delhi HC delivered a split verdict on a case challenging the marital rape exception in India’s rape law. Justice Rajiv Shakdher, who headed the division bench hearing the case, said that the right to withdraw consent forms the core of the woman's right to life and liberty; and the marital rape exception (MRE) violates this right. The right to withdraw consent at any given point in time forms the core of the woman's right to life and liberty which encompasses her right to protect her physical and mental being.

Cyberabad Police Fake Encounter

The Justice VS Sirpurkar Commission has submitted its report to the Supreme Court on encounter murders on December 6, 2019 against four accused of raping and murdering a young doctor in Hyderabad. The commission confirmed four teens were shot intentionally by the police with the clear understanding that it would lead to their death. She also said the accused did not grab any weapons from the police party, hence the argument that the shooting was for 'self-defense' was false.

SC Order On Sedition Law

The Supreme Court order to put Sedition law in abeyance is a victory to the long standing struggle by people's movements against state repression on democratic rights and the right to dissent. The said order dated 11.05.22 was passed in response to the petition filed by Army veteran Major-General SG Vombatkere (Retired) as well as PUCL and a range of other petitioners challenging the constitutional validity of Section 124-A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

SC Release Of Perarivalan Significant For Federalism and States’ Rights

The Supreme Court invoked its extraordinary powers to declare on Wednesday that Rajiv Gandhi assassination case convict AG Perarivalan’s life term would be “deemed to have been served” and ordered his immediate release. He was 19 in 1991 when he bought two batteries that, unknown to him, were used in the bomb that killed the former Prime Minister. He has since spent 31 years in jail.

Kolkata Public Transport: International Praise, Domestic Neglect

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a UN body, has lavished praise on Kolkata’s public transport infrastructure. In a report titled titled “Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change” highly appraised Kolkata’s 12 different modes of public transport that provides citizens with a wide variety of transport options. On the other hand, the virtual extinction of the once extensive tramways network in Kolkata, stands in stark contrast in ensuring low emissions transportation options in Kolkata.

The BJP Agenda of Hindi Imposition

BJP President and Union Home Minister Amit Shah has once again deliberately argued for Hindi imposition on non-Hindi speaking states. Addressing members of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee of which he is the Chairperson, Shah said that Hindi was important for the country’s “unity” and should therefore replace English as the link language for non-Hindi speaking states.

The Sangh’s Cyber-hate Ecosystem

The saffron brigade's hate-spreading mechanism has now taken the form of websites and applications designed to spread communal hatred and casteism. In addition, it is the right-wing's agenda to make public spaces, both online and offline, inaccessible to women. While women, especially those who are vocal against the right-wing regime, are being viciously targeted, Muslim women are the most vulnerable to online and offline attacks.