Pledge of December 18

Consolidate the Historic Victory of the Farmers’ Movement!

Strengthen the CPI(ML) to Intensify the Battle against Fascism!

Major questions of history are resolved through people’s struggles on the streets. These words of Comrade Vinod Mishra have once again been proved right in our experience.

Towards the First Anniversary of India’s Historic Farmers’ Movement

The historic farmers’ movement will complete one year on 26 November, 2021. In its nearly yearlong existence the movement has demonstrated the amazing potential of people’s power in an extremely adverse situation. Hundreds of farmers’ organisations representing a wide social and ideological spectrum have stuck together with unprecedented unity, indomitable spirit and collective discipline in the face of continuing provocations, demonising propaganda and orchestrated violent attacks.

Modi’s Monetisation Mantra Is A Blow Worse Than Demonetisation

The Modi government is known for its penchant for springing periodic shocks and desperate measures. In economics we have been familiar with the demonetisation disaster and GST, in politics with the sudden stripping of Jammu and Kashmir of its constitutional status and statehood or the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act or more recently the farms laws. The latest shock inflicted by the government has a strange name – National Monetisation Pipeline or NMP.

Stand with the People of Afghanistan

The exit of American forces from Afghanistan, the concomitant collapse of the US-backed regime headed by Ashraf Ghani and takeover by the Taliban, which should really be called a negotiated transfer of power by the US, have dramatically changed the situation in Afghanistan. With the Taliban attacking a wide spectrum of Afghan people, large numbers of people are desperately trying to flee Afghanistan.

The Bihar Verdict and Its Resonance for India

The first major elections held in the shadow of Covid19 pandemic and its complement, the brutal lockdown and its disastrous aftermath, have produced a stunning outcome. Till as late as early October when nominations began for the elections, opinion polls were predicting an emphatic majority for the NDA in Bihar. It was expected to be an easy cakewalk for Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar, nobody gave the opposition even an outside chance. A month later, most exit polls however  predicted a clear edge for the RJD-Left-INC opposition alliance.

Jumbo Cabinet, Zero Governance

Modi’s Mega Cabinet Reshuffle: Jumbo Cabinet, Zero Governance

Ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament, the Modi government has effected a mega cabinet reshuffle. Several ministers resigned before the reshuffle to make room for the changes, several had their responsibilities swapped or modified, while a few others were inducted for the first time. Modi’s self-proclaimed motto of ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ is fast turning into its opposite: ‘jumbo cabinet, zero governance’!

The Call of August 2021: Freedom from Tyranny, Freedom from Devastation

On August 15, 2021 India will enter the seventy-fifth year of independence from British rule. Ironically, far from celebrating the gains of independence, today Indians are increasingly being reminded of the cruelty and coercion of the colonial era as the country reels under the combined offensive of Covid 2.0 and Modi 2.0. In fact, it was none other than CJI NV Ramana who recently had to ask the Union Government why it still needed the Sedition Law of the colonial rulers even after all these years.

Democracy in Peril

The Delhi High Court judgments ordering the release on bail of three of the anti-CAA student activists charged under UAPA is a long-awaited breath of oxygen. It offers some relief from the Delhi Police witch-hunt that since last year has been been choking off democracy’s life-breath: protests against unjust, discriminatory and fascist laws like the CAA, NRC and NPR have inspired courage and hope in the struggle for democracy.