Foil BJP’s Plans to Bulldoze India For Another Forty Years

The derogatory remarks made by then BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma against Prophet Muhammad seem not just to have triggered a global storm of protests but also what increasingly looks like a murky multi-layered plot in India. The refusal of the Modi government to act against Nupur Sharma in accordance with the law of the land and the attempt to dismiss her remarks as stray comments made by a ‘fringe element’ predictably generated considerable public anger and in many places across India, Muslims protested in large numbers.

Bulldozer Fascism

From hate speech to state-led terror, resist the trajectory!  

The storm triggered by the Islamophobic bigotry and derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad by well-known BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and the party's Delhi media head Naveen Kumar Jindal is fast turning into a wave of targeted state-led terror campaign against Indian Muslims and voices of dissent. The remarks had understandably sparked a major international controversy.