UCC is not the Answer to Discrimination and Inequality

Long before the Law Commission decided to seek views of public and religious organisations on uniform civil code (UCC) the BJP in many states have been using this issue as part of its anti-minority hate propaganda. In BJP ruled states this party has already started some process in the name of UCC implementation. BJP in fact is taking this as part of its core propaganda to divert real issues of the people to the extent that in Uttarakhand there are huge hoardings installed all over declaring the party has fulfilled the promise of uniform civil code (UCC ka vaayada ek saal me kar dikhaya), which is a stark lie and makes the BJP’s intentions clear that UCC will be the next major propaganda tool for its divisive Hindutva agenda irrespective of wider public opposition as well as adverse recommendations by earlier law commission and the judiciary.

The Uttarakhand government called an all party meeting on 25 May 2023 to deliberate on the UCC implementation in the state. CPIML Uttarakhand Secretary Indresh Maikhuri submitted a written reply to the head of the committee which was formed almost a year ago to give recommendations on the uniform civil code. Comrade Indresh clearly stated that it is totally useless to deliberate on a constitutional matter which does not come under the purview of a state government. He told the committee the whole exercise is taken up to fulfil the political agenda of the party ruling in the state which amounts to the misuse of public money.

He also questioned the committee’s intentions that after one year of its formation a meeting was called without providing any proposal or draft on UCC on behalf of the state government. When the BJP government has not yet made its own ideas and intentions on this issue known officially in public domain then why an all party meeting has been called? He told the committee that the question of discrimination, inequality and equity can not be solved by imposing uniformity, hence CPIML opposes any attempt to impose a uniform civil code.

UCC is not the Answer to Discrimination and  Inequality