Solidarity With Afghan Students

AISA Statement

AISA- Karnataka in coordination with Afghan students studying in Bangalore held a dialogue to understand the situation and problems that students are facing after the humanitarian crisis erupting in Afghanistan post the Taliban takeover of the country. AISA’s Lucknow unit too has had meetings with Afghan students, extended support and amplified their concerns.

The following are the concerns students expressed, and wished Government of India would address them with a sense of urgency. They also sought a hand of friendship and solidarity from students, academicians, civil society and the people of India at large, in this troubled hour.

  1. The Taliban taken over of Afghanistan post exit of USA after two decades of imperialism has created a wave of humanitarian crisis. Students who have got admission in Indian Universities are stuck in Afghanistan. Similarly, Afghan students in India are worried about their families.

  2. International bank transfer is frozen because of the political impasse, meaning Afghan students are unable to receive money from their families to sustain themselves in India. Afghan students are facing deep financial difficulties and wish that the Government of India extend fellowship to all students who wish to study in India and who are residing in India.

  3. Many Afghan students are facing visa issues as their students visas are about to expire as they near their graduation from India Universities.

  4. They want the Indian government to extend their education visas so that they can pursue their higher education and that Employment Visas be issued to students who have found jobs or seeking jobs, so as to support themselves financially.

  5. Students want Single Window System for applying for fellowships, scholarships, visa issues and any other issue Afghan students are facing.

  6. Afghan students are facing issues with landlords as many are asking them to vacate their houses, hostels, PGs, etc., and students are distressed about this. On the other hand, landlords are also extorting more rent or deposits to allow them to stay in their houses.

  7. Students wish Indian govt to arrange special flights for Aghan students who have Indian visa and who want to come to India to study considering the political uncertainty in Afghanistan.

Afghan students are worried about their family members safety and security back home due to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan after two decades of US imperialism and the consequent political impasse.  

AISA is committed to standing by all Afghan students in India, every step of the way, in this time of hardship and anxiety.

Solidarity With Afghan Students