Modi Government Bought Pegasus To Illegally Spy On Opposition, Journalists, Judges, Election Commission, Activists, Women

The Modi regime cannot deny it anymore. A detailed investigative report in the New York Times confirms that on a trip PM Modi made to Israel in 2017, his government bought Israeli spyware Pegasus as part of a $2-billion package for weapons including a missile system. It has already been established that Pegasus software was used to target a huge number of Indian opposition leaders, civil liberties activists, judges, an Election Commission head, and journalists.

Ukraine Crisis

We are deeply concerned at the Russian displays of military aggression at the borders of Ukraine, accompanying Russian President Putin’s recognition of two autonomous eastern provinces of Ukraine as independent entities.

Condemn the Attack By ‘Hindu Sena’ Thugs On MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s Delhi Home

We condemn the vandalisation of MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s home and violent attack on his caretaker by thugs belonging to a violent Hindu-supremacist outfit ‘Hindu Sena’. How could armed thugs feel emboldened enough to march up to an MP’s house and indulge in violence, a mere stone’s throw away from Parliament Street police station and next door to the Election Commission of India? This question demands an answer from the Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, to whom the Delhi Police reports.

Solidarity With Afghan Students

AISA Statement

AISA- Karnataka in coordination with Afghan students studying in Bangalore held a dialogue to understand the situation and problems that students are facing after the humanitarian crisis erupting in Afghanistan post the Taliban takeover of the country. AISA’s Lucknow unit too has had meetings with Afghan students, extended support and amplified their concerns.

Condemn Attack by BJP-backed Goons on CPIML Leader in Tripura

The CPIML condemns the attack by BJP-backed goons on CPIML Central Committee member and Tripura Secretary Comrade Partha Karmakar's home in Udaipur, Tripura. At around 8.30 pm on 15 November, some two dozen BJP backed goons tried to storm Comrade Partha Karmakar's house. They made death threats against him, accompanied by obscene abuses, warning him to stop campaigning against BJP and stop holding any meetings at his house or anywhere outside.