Ouster of BJP from Power in Bihar a Positive Development for the Entire Country

Addressing a press conference in Patna on 13 August, CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that the ouster of the BJP from power in Bihar is a positive event for the entire country. The formation of a non-BJP government in Bihar is a step in the right direction to rid the country of the BJP's politics of conspiracy and disaster and generates fresh hope in forces fighting against attacks on the Constitution and democracy.

PM Modi And HM Shah Must Answer For Decision To Free Bilkis Bano’s Gang-Rapists

AIPWA Statement

On the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, 11 men sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 7 Muslims and gang-raping a pregnant Bilkis Bano, walked free because the Gujarat Government chose to remit their sentences.

They had committed their crime during the Gujarat 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom (which happened when PM Modi was Gujarat CM).

People of Bihar have Overturned Modi’s Chariot of Violence and Hatred

For years, under BJP-JD(U) rule, the people’s voices and their demands were in the back foot and ignored. The terror and repression of BJP’s bulldozer raj against Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis and other oppressed sections of the society were clearly visible across the state. The toiling masses of Bihar had begun questioning this rule of terror and anti-people policies forwarded by the BJP government.

Misogynistic Judgment of the Kozhikode Sessions Court

On August 12th, the Kozhikode Sessions Court granted bail to a 74-year-old social activist – Civic Chandran – observing that "The photographs produced along with the bail application by the accused would reveal that the defacto complainant herself is wearing a dress which is sexually provocative. So Section 354A will not prima facie stand against the accused.” The aforementioned dictum pronounced by the court is a blatant violation of constitutional morality and the democratic fabric of India.

Foil BJP’s Plans to Bulldoze India For Another Forty Years

The derogatory remarks made by then BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma against Prophet Muhammad seem not just to have triggered a global storm of protests but also what increasingly looks like a murky multi-layered plot in India. The refusal of the Modi government to act against Nupur Sharma in accordance with the law of the land and the attempt to dismiss her remarks as stray comments made by a ‘fringe element’ predictably generated considerable public anger and in many places across India, Muslims protested in large numbers.

Judicial Attacks Against Massacre Victims And Human Rights Defenders

In a democracy, the judiciary is meant to be independent from the executive; and citizens are meant to have the right to appeal to courts for action against the government, police/armed forces, and bureaucracy. The courts bear the responsibility of protecting the liberties and rights of the individual citizen from the overreaching might of the state. If the judiciary begins to obey the political executive (i.e the government), and even to then democracy is on its deathbed.

Eight Years Of Modi Raj: Youth Betrayed

The promise of jobs was one of the main planks of Narendra Modi’s 2014 campaign. But since then, far from creating jobs, his regime has destroyed jobs and created the worst unemployment crisis in India in the past half century. He responded to this by attempting to spin “selling pakoras” (street-vending, which is essentially disguised unemployment and in any case such work has never needed Prime Ministerial leadership to exist) as job creation.