Eight Years Of Modi Raj: Youth Betrayed

The promise of jobs was one of the main planks of Narendra Modi’s 2014 campaign. But since then, far from creating jobs, his regime has destroyed jobs and created the worst unemployment crisis in India in the past half century. He responded to this by attempting to spin “selling pakoras” (street-vending, which is essentially disguised unemployment and in any case such work has never needed Prime Ministerial leadership to exist) as job creation.

Against Repression on Protesters

Sena Bharti Jawan Morcha Convener Raju Yadav, RYA National President and Agiaon MLA Manoj Manzil, AISA General Secretary and Paliganj MLA Sandeep Saurabh, RYA State Honorary President and Dumraon MLA Ajit Kushwaha, RYA State President Aftab Alam, State Secretary Shiv Prakash Ranjan, AISA State Secretary Sabir Kumar and State President Vikas Yadav jointly called for a statewide March of Anger on 20 June 2022 against the Agnipath scheme and the repression unleashed on protesters during Bihar Bandh.

Agnipath: Less Scheme, More Scam

What is Agnipath?

The Agnipath scheme is a new recruitment scheme for the Indian military. It aims to recruit people aged 17 and a half years to twenty-one years for a period of 4 years. Recruitment will be all India and all class. 25% of those recruited will get permanent jobs after 4 years while the remaining 75% will not. The scheme will replace (completely) the existing model under which soldiers are recruited into different regiments.

SASG Confronts Karnataka Education Minister in London on Hijab Ban and Bajrang Dal Arms Training

On 19 May, 2022, the Higher Education Minister of Karnataka who has enforced the Hijab Ban in educational institutions in his state and is responsible for the exclusion of Muslim girls and women from education and their subsequent targetting, was the keynote speaker at the Commonwealth Education Conference organised by Bridge India and sponsored by Birmingham City University among others.