BJP’s Fringe Benefits

Confronted by a flood of condemnations by a wide range of nations, of a piece of Islamophobic hate speech about Prophet Mohammed by a prominent spokesperson of the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party, the Modi Government went into defensive mode. It sought to distance itself from the offender Nupur Sharma by declaring that she was a mere “fringe element” - not someone these foreign governments should take seriously.

Lawyers Demand Action Against Police Brutality And Bias

(Excerpts from statement by All India Lawyers’ Association For Justice (AILAJ))

The protests (by Muslims against Islamophobic hate-speech) that were witnessed in nine states and union territories, were followed by numerous reported instances of arbitrary police brutality against Muslim protesters including children, revealing unchecked abuse of power and rampant institutional bigotry.

Bulldozer Fascism

From hate speech to state-led terror, resist the trajectory!  

The storm triggered by the Islamophobic bigotry and derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad by well-known BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and the party's Delhi media head Naveen Kumar Jindal is fast turning into a wave of targeted state-led terror campaign against Indian Muslims and voices of dissent. The remarks had understandably sparked a major international controversy.

India At 75 : Hindu-Supremacists Vs India’s Freedom Struggle: A Brief History

(Today, Hindu-supremacist fascists are in power in India, and are busy trying to write themselves into the history of India’s freedom movement; while distorting the role of the movement’s actual key actors. In this feature we examine the trajectory of the two foremost Hindu-supremacist organisations, the Hindu Mahasabha and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, from their birth until India’s freedom and soon after.   

75 Years of India’s Independence : Workers In India’s Freedom Struggle

(As independent India approaches 75 years, Liberation marks the occasion with a series - starting with the August 2021 issue – of commentaries and features on the richly diverse freedom struggle, especially on under-represented aspects and chapters of the struggle that hold inspiration for the challenges that the country and its people face today. It is our effort to remind ourselves that the workers, peasants, adivasis, dalits, women, were not mere “followers” of charismatic leaders – they were the true makers of history, leaders in their own right.

Defy The Command To Forget, Bear Witness To Collective Grief

PM Modi says the pandemic is not a political issue, it is a human issue. Is that an admission that human concerns have no place in his politics?

The Union Health Minister told Parliament that no one died because of oxygen shortage.

Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey echoed him: “A total of 9,632 people have died of Covid-19 in Bihar so far but none of them died due to shortage of medical oxygen.” Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani says the same: No one died for lack of oxygen in our state.”