Sri Lankan Crisis: Capitalism, Authoritarianism and Nepotism Under One Roof

The island nation of Sri Lanka is swept by a relentless wave of people’s anger. Faced with the most severe economic crisis since its independence, Sri Lanka is witnessing a complete shortage of all essential commodities. Long queues for essential items have become the everyday reality for people in Sri Lanka, so has the mass mobilization by the people against those responsible for the current crisis.

Lessons from Sri Lanka for India: Check Prices, Provide Jobs, Stop Communal Conspiracies!

India’s southern neighbour Sri Lanka is reeling under a terrible economic crisis. The crushing debt burden of this island nation has landed it into an unprecedented chaos marked by skyrocketing prices and massive shortages of basic necessities. The people of Sri Lanka are up in arms and are seeking an end to the reign of the Rajapaksa brothers who have been running the show in Sri Lanka as President and Prime Minister for more than a decade.

Severe Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka

Protests have erupted in Sri Lanka as country reels under severe economic crisis as prices of essential commodities and fuel are reaching sky high. The country is witnessing long queues at fuel stations and grocery shops, with the Gotabaya Rajapaksa government announcing deploying military at the fuel stations.  According to reports more than three elderly people have dropped dead at fuel queues.