Elections 2024
CPI(ML) Manifesto: Lok Sabha Elections 2024

End the Disastrous, Dictatorial Modi Reign of Corporate loot, 
Communal Hate and Constitutional Subversion!
Defeat BJP, Save Democracy!
Vote for CPI(ML), Elect India Candidates!

Dear fellow Indians,

For years we took India’s Constitution and constitutionally mandated system of multiparty democracy and federal framework for granted. The build-up to the 2024 Elections tells us that we can no longer afford to do that. The Modi government is bent upon converting India into a one-party state. Two Chief Ministers including the sitting CM of Delhi have been arrested in the poll season and the CJI is being heckled for striking down the unconstitutional Electoral Bonds that had legalised corruption.

In the ten years of Modi rule, the undermining of parliamentary democracy has already reached an alarming level. And now the government is aiming at manufacturing a 400+ majority to inflict more damaging blows to the Constitution. A third successive term for the Modi government will be an absolute disaster for our constitution and parliamentary democracy, for our cultural diversity and everyday existence.

The government is using every unconstitutional measure and unscrupulous trick to hold on to power with the backing of its corporate cronies and the Godi Media. We the people of India have to apply our constitutional power of the vote to end this reign of disaster and rebuild India as a robust democracy. Please exercise your vote and make it count in this decisive battle for the future of India, for the triumph of democracy over dictatorship.

CPI(ML) Liberation will  fight for the following charter, both inside and outside the Parliament. We believe that these changes will enable the INDIA Alliance, of which we are a part, to meet peoples’ aspirations.


  1. Voting must be conducted by paper ballots. Electronic Voting Machines, prone to rampant manipulation, should be discontinued.

  2. Scrap the Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners (Appointment, Conditions of Service And Term of Office) Act, 2023 and appoint CEC and ECs through a transparent process by a selection committee comprising the CJI, PM and leader of the opposition as advised by the Supreme Court of India.

  3. An enforceable limit be imposed on the election expenses of political parties.

  4. Electorate must be given the right to recall elected representatives.

  5. Defections by elected representatives must invite automatic cancellation of their memberships from elected bodies.


  1. The rights to employment, nutrition, health, and housing must be declared fundamental rights.

  2. The discriminatory CAA-NRC-NPR must be scrapped.

  3. Any idea of an Uniform Civil Code should be discarded.

  4. Scrap Aadhaar and all biometric linked identification cards and processes and provide universal access to all welfare schemes.

  5. Pass an anti-discrimination law which prohibits discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, caste and religion.

  6. Stop using OCI as a tool of persecution against Indian diaspora.


  1. All pending vacancies, including reserved posts, in all Central and State government institutions and organisations, government companies, Public Sector Undertakings must be filled immediately.

  2. An unemployment allowance must be provided to all people out of employment for any duration.

  3. Reservation for marginalized castes and communities in education and employment must be implemented in the private sector.

  4. Scrap Agnipath Scheme in armed forces.


  1. The national minimum wage must be fixed at Rs. 35,000 per month.

  2. The four anti-worker Labour Codes must be scrapped.

  3. The Old Pension Scheme must be restored.

  4. Extend social security benefits (including health, education and retirement) to unorganised and irregular workers. A minimum monthly pensionfor all, including EPS pensioners, be instituted at Rs. 10000 per month linked with VDA.

  5. All contractual and ad-hoc positions, including those in scheme, contract, outsourced and platform workers must be regularized.

  6. Paid maternity leaves for women and childcare facilities in all workplaces must be provided. All gender discriminatory policies regarding employment and promotion must be scrapped.


  1. There must be a legally guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP) for all crops with C2+50% formula, as per the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission.

  2. All debts of farmers and rural workers, from public and private entities, must be waived.

  3. Agricultural subsidies must be assured, and fertilizers and agricultural-inputs must be made available at affordable rates.

  4. All sharecroppers must be registered and their rights as farmers ensured; ceiling-surplus lands, homestead lands, bhoodan lands, temple and mutt lands and wastelands must be distributed to the landless. 

  5. Job-seekers must be guaranteed a daily minimum wage of Rs. 600/- as well as 200 days of work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).


  1. All town and city dwellers must have equal access to affordable housing, potable water, sanitation facilities and civic amenities.

  2. The demolitions of homes must be immediately halted and the  rights of slum dwellers must be protected. In-situ rehabilitation of displaced people should be the norm.

  3. All urban residents must have access to affordable public transportation.

  4. An Urban Employment Guarantee Act should be immediately enacted to meet the needs of urban job-seekers.


  1. An All India Caste Census must be conducted and the ambit of reservation should be widened on that basis.

  2. Free housing for all houseless families in urban and rural areas.

  3. Universalisation of PDS under the National Food Security Act with a monthly supply of 50 kg food grains along with sugar, milk, pulses and edible oil to each family, is an urgent necessity.

  4. The prices of essential commodities and services need to be stringently controlled.

  5. The SC/ST Sub-Plan Act, 2013; SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989/1995; and the Manual Scavengers Act, 2013, must be strictly implemented and regularly monitored.

  6. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) must have equal access to all public places and transport, 5% seats in education and employment must be reserved for them, their earnings should not be taxed, and they should be assured adequate state funded support for assistive technologies and devices.

  7. DA-linked pension of Rs. 10000 per month must be guaranteed for senior citizens, PwDs and widows.

  8. Effective and time-bound implementation of the recommendations of Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra commission.


  1. 33% reservation for women (with provision for OBC quota) in the parliament and state assemblies must be immediately implemented. Additionally, 50% seats in all local bodies must be reserved for women.

  2. State-aided protection mechanisms, effective helplines and support systems for survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, “honour” crimes, and inter-caste or inter-faith couples facing violence, must be strengthened.

  3. Reform personal laws to bring them in line with women’s constitutional rights.

  4. The constitutional rights of the transgender community must be guaranteed. All necessary protections and welfare measures mandated by the  NALSA judgement must be provided.

  5. There must be adequate legal protection and support mechanisms for LGBTQIA+ persons. Pass a legislation recognising the right of any two persons to enter into a civil union without discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  6. Strictly Implement Vishaka guidelines to stop harassment of women at workplaces. Implement all recommendations of Justice Verma Committee report.


  1. The National Education Policy 2020 must be scrapped. The education budget must be increased to 10% of the total budget.

  2. Free education at all levels with schooling in mother tongue. Forced imposition of Sanskrit or any other language should not be allowed.

  3. Existing legal provisions regarding reservation in education must be rigorously implemented. These provisions should be extended to private institutions.

  4. The eradication of caste and gender discrimination in educational institutions must be a top priority. The Rohit Vemula Act must be enacted and a Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassments (GSCASH) must be set-up in all higher educational institutions.

  5. There must be an increase in the budgetary allocation for the mid-day meal scheme in schools. The mid-day meals must include eggs and meat.

  6. Repeal NEET and CUET.


  1. Free and universal healthcare and immunisation and access to affordable medicines must be ensured for all. 

  2. The number of public hospitals and PHC clinics must be increased and their quality improved.


  1. All pro-corporate policies and amendments to forest/environmental laws must be scrapped. Industries polluting the environment must be strictly punished.

  2. Forest Rights Act (FRA) must be strictly implemented. There should be no dilution of forest dwellers’ rights over forest land and resources. Eviction of Adivasis from forests and their lands must be stopped, scrap Adani’s project in Hasdeo forest. 

  3. All large constructions projects in the ecologically fragile Himalayas and other sensitive areas must be banned. A special rehabilitation, rebuilding & stabilisation package should be put in place for the disaster-affected people of Joshimath.


  1. There must be a mandatory wealth and inheritance tax of 1 percent on the super-rich and increase corporate tax rates. All written-off and pending Non-Performing Assets (NPA) from corporate companies must be recovered.

  2. A comprehensive law on corporate accountability should be framed, including provisions for workers’ representation on company boards, financial transparency, restriction on party donations, prevention of tax evasion and workplace democracy.

  3. Privatisation of key infrastructure and financial sectors must immediately stop. Public sector units, and medium and small-scale industries, need to be revitalized and strengthened. National Monetisation Pipeline must be scrapped.

  4. The privatisation and commercialisation of forest lands, coastal areas and traditional fishing zones must stop.

  5. GST must be withdrawn and a progressive taxation policy for goods and services implemented.


  1. The Right to Information Act  must be strengthened.

  2. There is an urgent need for police and prison reforms, in order to ensure public accountability and an end to human rights violations in the name of enforcing the law.  Police reforms geared towards inculcating greater transparency and accountability should be initiated.

  3. All draconian laws such as the Unlawful Activities Prevent Act (UAPA), the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), and three Criminal Codes must be repealed. All political prisoners must be immediately released.

  4. A special tribunal for crimes related to caste and communal massacres, and extra-judicial killings, must be set-up. Reparations and compensation for victims of these must be ensured.

  5. The Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991, must be strictly implemented.

  6. The Amir Das Commission must be revived and a probe into the political links of the banned private feudal army Ranvir Sena in Bihar must be initiated.


  1. The principles of federalism must be popularized. Payment of dues of States must be done in a time-bound manner, and the post of Governor should be abolished.

  2. Special support needs to be provided backward states by giving them a special status, in order to end regional disparity.

  3. Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi and Puducherry must be accorded full statehood. Ladakh must be included in the 6th Schedule of the Constitution.

  4. More autonomy to the Autonomous District Councils in the north-eastern region. Article 244-A must be implemented in order to confer the status of an autonomous state upon the Karbi Anglong region in Assam.


  1. India must cultivate a friendly relationship of close cooperation with its neighbouring countries. The Non-Alignment policy must be retained and bolstered. We must ensure for ourselves a foreign policy free from the interests and priorities of the United States-led western powers.

  2. All Indian youths who were deceived and forced to work as mercenaries / military helpers in Russia and other countries must be immediately brought back.

  3. All military, economic, and labour agreements with the apartheid and genocidal state of Israel must be scrapped. India must push for an international arms embargo against Israel. 


CPIML Manifesto  Lok Sabha Elections 2024