The Memorial Meeting of Comrade John K Erumely at Thrissur

The first death anniversary of former state secretary of CPIML, Kerala, comrade John K Erumely was observed at Thrissur on 11 February. The memorial programme was presided by the state secretary Johnson Ambatt and the participants were welcomed by Ajithan, district secretary of Thrissur.

Shankar V, Polit Bureau Member, inaugurated the memorial meeting and fondly remembered great contributions of comrade John K Erumely in keeping aloft the revolutionary banner of the party in the state of Kerala. 

In addition, comrade Shankar expressed his concerns about the intentions of LDF government to replace OPS (Old Pension Scheme) with New Assured Pension Scheme, instead of scrapping anti-worker NPS and restoration of OPS. Similarly, he also pointed out the assertions of LDF to follow the corporate path of development along the lines of Vizhinjam Port and K-Rail in place of a pro-people path of development. The hurry to establish foreign universities in Kerala was also a matter of concern.

Comrade Shankar called upon the people of Kerala against the social engineering and communal designs of BJP in the state which can cause a havoc in the lives of the people of the state. He also explained that defeating BJP is directly related to the lives of the working masses as the anti-worker, anti-people legislations, including Labour Codes, are waiting on the wings for implementation. He insisted that “Defeat BJP to Save Workers and the people” should be the slogan of the people’s movements.

Chandramohan, the Central Committee Member of the party paid his tributes to comrade John K Erumely and elaborated on various facets of fascism in the country. He also invited the attention of participants to the challenges of building an alternative Left movement in the state while defending the Left politics in general.

Comrade Rajesh K Erumely who was present along with his mother, the life partner of comrade John K, addressed the meeting and assured to publish the biography of comrade John K Erumely in English by next memorial day along with another book on Naxalbari movement.

The members of State Leading team of the party OP Kunjupillai, Venugopal, Sujith, Shivashankaran and Joy Peter also addressed the memorial meeting.

The Memorial Meeting of Comrade John K Erumely at Thrissur