Conference of VCK

The conference on 26 January, the republic day, hosted by Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi (VCK – Liberation Tigers Party) reverberated with the slogan of Jai Bhim – Jai Democracy against the Jai Shriram of the communal fascist forces. The conference was attended by lakhs of people from all over Tamil Nadu representing almost all districts. The enthusiastic participation of largest number of youths inspired a lot of hope and confidence among all the parties that joined the conference. VCK is definitely an emerging major political force of Dalits in the state with overwhelming Left moorings.

The conference was addressed by the General Secretaries of CPI, CPIM and CPIML along with the president of DMK and the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu MK Stalin. The key leaders of Congress, DK, IUML, MDMK, MMK, TVK and AAP also addressed the conference.

The preamble of the constitution was displayed at the centre of the stage, consistent with the central theme of the conference, The Democracy Will be Victorious. The portraits of Ambedkar, Marx and Periyar were displayed in the stage.

The Chief Minister MK Stalin said that the rule of BJP was against democracy and federalism which was exposed in its dismantling of special status to Jammu and Kashmir. He appealed for the consolidation of opposition forces and votes in the state in order to defeat BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Comrade Thirumavalavan narrated the disastrous actions of the Modi-Shah duo in last ten years since the BJP assumed power at the union government. He also critiqued that the BJP aim is to establish Brahmin Raj which is why the country’s constitution written by Dr Ambedkar is their top most adversary.

Comrade Dipankar said “In a democracy, the government is elected by the people. We have a parliamentary democracy where the government is answerable to the people. But now PM Modi says he has been chosen by God, his supporters even call him an incarnation of God, and he hardly attends Parliament, never holds a press conference, never listens to the people.

 “From a modern secular democratic republic, we are being pushed in the direction of what can only be called a corporate backed theocratic monarchy. The Constitution described India as a Union of States. That federal framework is also being turned upside down. The states are being reduced to extensions of Delhi Darbar ruled by agents of the Union Government.

“The need of the hour is to unite and save the country from this fascist offensive and stop the destruction and disaster the fascist regime is inflicting everyday in every sphere. We have to unite as extensively and fight as resolutely as our predecessors had done during the freedom movement. Just as several ideological streams had united in the battle for freedom from British colonial rule, today Communists and socialists, Ambedkarites and Periyarists, Gandhians and Nehruvians will all have to come together to protect the highest gains of the freedom movement - the Constitution and the goal of a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic.

“Tamil Nadu has been in the forefront of opposition to the fascist Modi regime and the RSS-BJP conspiracy to divide the people and destroy democracy. It has also not allowed the BJP to grow as an electoral force. I am sure in the coming elections Tamil Nadu will again give a fitting rebuff to the BJP. The rest of the country is also getting ready to dethrone the Modi regime. Let us unite and fight and fight to win.”

Comrade Pazha Asaithambi, the state secretary of CPIML extended solidarity with the struggles of VCK against fascism and in the battle for democracy.

Comrade Shankar V, Polit-Bureau member and In-charge of Tamil Nadu, Central Committee Member Balasundaram, Trichy district secretary Desikan, Pudukottai district secretary VM Valathan, Karur district secretary Ramachandran, SCMs C Rangaswamy and Raj Kumar were also present.

Conference of VCK