Anti-Fascist Rally at Thanjavur

Tamil Nadu unit of CPIML organised an Anti-Fascist Rally on Feb 1 in Thanjavur which has a revolutionary tradition of anti-feudal struggles of agricultural labourers. Several cadres of CPIML in the district, including Chandrasekar and Chandrakumar of Manalur, have sacrificed their lives in militant struggles in this region. The rally was well received by various quarters. Thousands of CPIML cadres joined the rally and convention which was party’s one of the biggest mobilisations in the recent past.

Against the backdrop of the political coup in Bihar, the conspiracy in Jharkhand and the brazen stealing of the mayoral election in Chandigarh, leaders of CPI, CPI(M) and INDIA constituents like INC, DMK and VCK also joined in this impressive assembly and renewed the resolve to defeat the tyrannical Modi regime and foil the Sangh brigade's fascist design.

The rally resolved to fight out fascist forces in Tamil Nadu who are trying to take roots invoking Tamil gods, Tamil heritage, etc. linking with Kashi. They try to use every division in society including caste and religious sentiments. ED is being extensively pressed into service to frame up charges, threaten and pull political friends, including the functionaries of Naam Thamizhar Katchi (We, Tamils Party) led by Seeman. AIADMK led by Edappadi is being threatened to return to the alliance. Modi has unusually written a long obituary on Vijaya Kanth, who recently passed away, to attract the support base of the DMDK (Desiya Marumalarchi Dravidar Kazhakam – National Dravidian Renaissance Party). Tamil Nadu BJP is leading a state level yatra covering all districts, which is a damp squib and failed to evoke any big response. Modi was camping in Rameshwaram for days together in the run up to the inaugural ceremony of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

“Overthrow Fascism - Victory to India” was the theme of the massive Convention. Thousands of party members, workers, rural poor, peasants, youth and students from various districts participated. Some of the local cadres and leaders of INDIA alliance parties also joined.

Comrade Dipankar addressed the rallyists as chief guest and called upon people to defeat BJP regime in the coming Lok Sabha elections. He also emphasised on broader unity of all opposition forces. Only a sustained mass movement against the BJP on basic issues of the people can only be the best answer to the communal, corporate fascist forces, he said. He said, “I saw the great resolve of the people of Tamil Nadu to defeat the fascist forces and I saw a very reassuring unity of all the INDIA parties in Tamil Nadu during the event organized by VCK on January 26. Today, on 1st of February, in Thanjavur, I see similar unity and similar resolve among the people. Tamil Nadu is in the forefront of the all-India opposition to the fascist forces and I congratulate you for your unity, for your determination and for your struggles.”

He further added, “So this is why, ahead of the 2024 elections, of course elections are important, what is more important is our unity on the ground and our struggles on the ground. Tamil Nadu has been the bastion of communist movement and anti-caste movement. This is the land of Periyar. The land of rationalist movement against superstitions, against feudal violence, against the violence of dominant castes. This is movement we need to rebuild. We need to intensify our struggles across Tamil Nadu. Carry forward, the communist flag, the red flag, holding high, along with all the friendly parties, all social justice forces, here. I would appeal for the unity and consolidation of the forces of social justice, of the forces of human dignity, of the forces of caste annihilation so as to decimate the caste system, caste oppression, communal violence and communal bigotry in this country.”

VCK leader comrade Thol. Thirumavalavan, MP, the Chief Media Coordinator of the headquarters of DMK, DKS Elangovan, State secretary of CPI(M) K Balakrishnan, state secretary of CPI Mutharasan and the district Congress president representing the state president KS Alagiri addressed the rallyists. Mr KS Alagiri, despite reaching Thanjavur could not reach the meeting venue as he fell ill.

TKS Elangovan said that the BJP has only renamed the British acts into Hindi, but the essence remains the same. The people of the country are being deceived and assured that the DMK will always stand with the forces like CPIML and likeminded parties in the battle against fascism.

Thol. Thirumavalavan said that he chose to attend the CPIML rally to be among the toiling masses instead of attending the Parliament on the same day and listen to the BJP government’s manipulations of taxes, allocations and the interim budget. He said that it was more fruitful to join the rally to save democracy, to save the country organised by the CPIML at Thanjavur and to be among the people and CPIML who work for the victory of the INDIA alliance. He also thanked the CPIML General Secretary for attending the VCK Convention on 26 January at Trichy. VCK has always worked with left and Dravidian parties because VCK itself is a party that has maintained left politics as its core. Left politics is a more principled one that has challenged the domination of castes by sacrificing their lives. The BJP is scared of the Left because they are their ideological adversaries. The BJP does not only talk about Congress-mukt Bharat but also about Communist-mukt Bharat.

Comrade Balakrishnan appreciated the efforts of the CPIML to intensify the struggle against fascism. The Hindus and Muslims fought unitedly against the British in the course of the struggle for independence, while the RSS was resorting to communal riots to divide the struggling unity. The RSS also killed Mahatma Gandhi who worked for the unity of Hindus and Muslims. He criticised Modi for mixing religion with the state by visiting temples after temples to propagate the launch of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. They are hell bent on implementing CAA. They are also suspected for manipulating EVMs in their favour.

Comrade Mutharasan congratulated the CPIML for undertaking the task of fighting fascism. He also recalled BJP’s role in toppling the UF government of VP Singh for implementing Mandal Commission recommendations.

The district secretary of the Congress said that we should take up the weapon of ideas to fight fascism and to defend democracy. He appealed to make INDIA alliance victorious in the coming elections in order to save democracy.

The rally was presided by Pazha Asaithambi, state secretary of CPIML in Tamil Nadu, welcomed by Kannaian, district secretary and vote of thanks by SM Rajendran, city secretary. The rally was also addressed by Shankar V and Balasundaram, Chandramohan and Balasubramanian.

Anti-Fascist Rally at Thanjavur