Protets Across the World Demanding an End to the Genocidal War in Gaza

On June 8, Israeli occupation forces unleashed another brutal massacre in northern Gaza’s Nuseirat Refugee Camp. Marketed as a ‘hostage rescue operation,’ the Israeli forces killed at least 274 Palestinians, including 64 children and 57 women, and injured nearly 700.  The Nuseirat massacre occurred just a few weeks after the massacre in Rafah, in which at least 45 civilians were killed, mostly children and women, when Israel bombed tents of displaced people.

Condemning the ongoing genocidal war in Gaza, protests across the world called for immediate ceasefire and delivering of humanitarian aid in Gaza. According to reports, famine, severe malnutrition and epidemics have become widespread across Gaza as death and destruction due to Israel’s attack have led to the collapse of all crucial infrastructures including hospitals, bakeries, and sewage plants. Humanitarian aid continues to face restrictions due to Israeli blockades and attack on aid convoys.

On June 1, several students-civil society organisations, along with CPIML and AISA activists, came together at Delhi's Jantar Mantar demanding an end to Israel's genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza. The protesters saluted the steadfastness of the people of Gaza and the whole of Palestine in the face of war crimes, massacres, and brutality by Israeli forces. Dhananjay, JNUSU President and AISA activist said at the protest gathering "all voices, world over advocating peace, must speak up against the imperialist war of Israel over Palestine and demand an immediate ceasefire! We have seen in Rafah, that despite the order from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to halt the offensive, Israeli forces deliberately carried out brutal massacres by bombing civilian tents." The protest also called upon the Indian government to revoke all military-economic ties with apartheid Israel and ensure an international arms embargo against the country for its genocidal war against Palestinians.

"The support provided to this genocide through funding and supply of arms by the US and right-wing governments across the west, as well as India, is alarming and the citizens of this country must demand from our respective governments an immediate end to all ties with the apartheid Israel!," repeated AISA Delhi President Abhigyan. CPIML has called on the Indian government to suspend all diplomatic, economic and cultural ties with Israel and ensure an international arms embargo on apartheid Israel.

 End to the Genocidal War in Gaza