The Assault on Muslims Offering Namaz by Delhi Police is a Strike on India's Constitution and Syncretic Ethos

CPIML organised protests on March 11 and 12 against the Delhi Police's assault on Namaz offering Muslims in the national capital. The incident occurred on March 10 in Delhi's Inderlok, as due to space constraint some people were offering Namaz on the roadside with required permission. The police personnel deployed in the area, including the in-charge Manoj Tomar kicked and assaulted the people.

Addressing the protest march organised in Patna, CPIML General Secretary Com. Dipankar said the assault reflected the widespread communalisation of police and security forces in the country under the current Modi-BJP regime. This hate in police uniform, reminds us of the hate we saw a few months ago in a running train by RPF personnel, Chetan Singh.

CPIML MLA Mehboob Alam said that the Delhi police's assault is a reflection of BJP's agenda of communal hatred and violence against Muslims in the country. He has also been running a campaign of communalisation of the security forces. The people will resist and defeat such divisive forces.

Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmed said that BJP is against the integrity and diversity of our country. They want to divide the country, and we must all unite to resist this with all our might.

CPI(ML) MLAs Sandeep Saurabh, Gopal Ravidas, Birendra Prasad Gupta, Amarjit Kushwaha, Mahanand, Ajit Kumar Singh, Rambali Prasad, Arun Singh, AIPWA leaders Meena Tiwari, Shashi Yadav, Manju Prakash, Saroj Chaube, Anita Sinha, veteran CPI(ML) leader KD Yadav, AIARLA General Secretary Dhirendra Jha and several other leaders joined the protest. In Gaya, Katihar and other areas of Bihar, protest marches were carried out by CPIML against the brutal assault.

In Jharkhand's Bagodar, a protest march was taken out on March 12 against the police assault. Condemning the violence, the protesters noted that the assault was not just on Muslims but on the spirit of our constitution and India's Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb (syncretic ethos).

Protest demonstrations were also organised in various districts of Tamil Nadu, Delhi, West Karbi Anglong (Assam), Karnataka and West Bengal against the inhuman and brutal assault. CPIML has called for criminal action against police officers involved in the assault.

The Assault on Muslims Offering Namaz