From Banned Big Notes to Cancelled Ration Cards

Modi Regime’s Continuing War on the Poor

In early March when the BJP managed to retain power in Uttar Pradesh for the second term in a row, the victory was attributed among other things to the delivery of food among the poor to mitigate the extreme economic hardship caused by the cruel lockdown. ‘Labharthi’ or beneficiary of various welfare and assistance schemes became a key talking point for poll analysts. With the elections over, the discourse is fast changing and quite ominously so.

Remembering Rammohan Roy: The Rationalist Fighter for Modern India

As India observes the 250th birth anniversary of Rammohan Roy, one of the earliest and greatest campaigners for modern India, on May 22, 2022, we are faced with one of history’s cruel ironies. The incumbent regime is pushing 21st century India into revenge fuelled mass violence by distorting history and using the perceived wrongs committed by the Mughal dynasty that ruled India some three centuries ago.

Message of Greetings to the 23rd Congress of the CPI(M)

Dear comrades,

It is heartening to note that the 23rd Congress of the CPI(M) begins today at Kannur in Kerala. On behalf of the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) let me extend warm communist greetings to all of you and wish your deliberations all success. I am thankful to Comrade Sitaram Yechury for inviting me to this inaugural session, but unfortunately as the dates of your Congress clashed with our Central Committee meeting in Ranchi, I am sending this written message to greet your Congress.

Putin’s Ukraine War and Modi’s Policy Paralysis

Two weeks into the invasion, Putin’s war on Ukraine shows no signs of abating. The shelling has become more intense and widespread over several parts of Ukraine which are seeing growing civilian casualties and an exodus of refugees. Ukraine is being subjected to massive devastation. According to Ukrainian forces, Russia too has suffered major military losses, in terms of both personnel and weaponry. As the economic and human cost of the war grows, the repercussions are being felt across the region and beyond.

Carry Forward the Radical Legacy of India's Freedom Movement

The Modi government has turned the seventy fifth anniversary of India’s independence into a massive exercise of rewriting and hijacking India’s history. The ideological and organisational predecessors of today’s BJP hardly played any role in India’s anti-colonial national awakening, busy as they were collaborating with the colonial rulers and assisting them in executing their ‘divide and rule’ strategy by dividing and derailing secular Indian nationalism with their politics of Hindutva or Hindu supremacist communal nationalism.

Bank Privatisation Is a Disastrous Idea – Stop It

Despite having been forced to beat a retreat on the pro-corporate farm laws, the Modi government is aggressively pushing for reversal of nationalisation in another key sector: banking. Five decades after the historic bank nationalisation, the government now desperately wants to bring down the minimum government holding in public sector banks from 51 percent to 26 percent apart from carrying out outright privatisation of select public sector banks.

Enhanced BSF Jurisdiction – Assault on Federalism and Rule of Law

Even as the whole country demands the resignation of Ajay Mishra, the key instigator and orchestrator of the Lakhimpur massacre of farmers who has recently been inducted in the Modi cabinet as one of Amit Shah’s deputies, as a Minister of State for Home Affairs, the MHA has quietly issued another draconian order. A notification issued by the MHA has increased the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force in the eastern and western border states of Assam, West Bengal and Punjab from the existing limit of 15 km to 50 km.

Comrade BB Pandey And The Revolutionary Legacy Of The Durgapur Trio

With the passing of Comrade BB Pandey, we lost the last member of the famous Durgapur trio - Comrades Vinod Mishra, Dhurjati Prasad Bakshi and BB Pandey - who played such a key role in the revival of the CPI(ML) after the setback of early 1970s. Comrades VM and BBP had come to study engineering in Durgapur in 1966 after finishing school in Kanpur. Comrade DP Bakshi was from Chinsura (Chunchura) in Hooghly district and had joined Durgapur Regional Engineering College the year before.