VM on Mao, Deng and the Cultural Revolution

“Mao repeatedly pointed out that the contradiction between capitalism and socialism is far from resolved. This struggle will go on for many years to come, may be a few hundred years, and thus the question who will win is yet to be resolved. Soviet leadership claimed that socialism can only grow into developed socialism and then into communism. Mao said no, this is wrong. This was yet another major contribution of Mao in the field of Marxist philosophy and theory.

Hundred Years of CPC: Great Legacy, Grave Concerns

[ In the year of the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) we revisit the history of the CPC’s birth and the inspiring legacy of the Chinese revolution. In the next instalment we will critically examine China and the CPC between the revolution and the present. In the previous issue of Liberation we had carried the statement issued by the CPIML Central Committee on the occasion of the CPC centenary.]