Countering the Fascist Assault: Role of the Legal Community

(At a discussion marking the first national conference of the All India Lawyers For Justice – AILAJ on 28th and 29th May, 2022 at Bengaluru, Advocate Mihir Desai known for three decades of work as a workers’ and human rights lawyer in Mumbai, delivered a lecture on the role of the legal community in countering the fascist assault. Below is the text of his lecture, somewhat edited for readers of Liberation.)

Remembering Rammohan Roy: The Rationalist Fighter for Modern India

As India observes the 250th birth anniversary of Rammohan Roy, one of the earliest and greatest campaigners for modern India, on May 22, 2022, we are faced with one of history’s cruel ironies. The incumbent regime is pushing 21st century India into revenge fuelled mass violence by distorting history and using the perceived wrongs committed by the Mughal dynasty that ruled India some three centuries ago.