Youth Parliament in Delhi

Hundreds of youths from all across the country assembled in Delhi on 1 August to declare their resolve to launch a resolute struggle on the burning demand of employment. The Youth Parliament began with presentation of revolutionary songs by Raju Ranjan of Bihar, R.P.Verma from Jharkhand and Sharad Sansare, Gyaneshwari Aiywale and Madina Sheikh from Maharastra. This was followed by speeches from Revolutionary Youth Organization (RYA) leaders like Sunil Maurya from U.P., Shivprakash Ranjan from Bihar, Kunti Tanti from Assam, Sandip Jaiswal and Divya Bhagat from Jharkhand, Jeewan Surude from Maharashtra, Raman Singh Badouliya and Tariq Anwar of the Railway Group D selected apprentice movement, Jibo Phangcho from Karbi Anglong, Sundaraj from Tamil Nadu, Gurpreet Ratia from Haryana and Winder Alakh from Punjab.

Later, addressing the youths, the General Secretary of CPIML, Dipankar Bhattacharya said that the demand for employment has been raised for the last many years. He pointed out that a similar movement for jobs along with the farmers’ movement for waiving of loans and MSP was gaining traction in 2018. Then, before the 2019 elections, Pulwama incident happened and the political environment changed and the consequences are there for all of us to see. Hence, one must remain on guard against any future attempts to divert the issue of employment.

The candidates who have qualified the railways examination are not getting their joining letter. Even in opposition ruled states, the question of jobs remains elusive. As the traditional jobs dwindle, new types of jobs are being created. Though farming stagnates, a new variety of farming- farming of hate is gaining traction. Jobs in industries are shrinking but an alternate industry of hate and murder is being established. Youths who remain unemployed due to non-availability of jobs in schools, farms, hospitals and offices are being encouraged to pick up arms, march in Ram Naumi processions and incite violence. Hence it becomes imperative that this industry of hate be demolished so that the agenda of respectful, safe and secure employment gains currency. Com. Dipankar gave the recent examples of transfer of a dutiful police officer in Bareilly in UP for foiling attempts of Kanwariyas to foment a riot, the targeted killings of Muslims by a railway policeman near Mumbai and the ongoing violence in Manipur and said that these incidents point out that those entrusted with the responsibility of protecting democracy are making it barbaric. He ended his speech by exhorting the youth to integrate with the youths in their neighbourhood and wean them away from hate and violence. The issues of caste census and reservation should also be addressed with seriousness to ensure all-encompassing justice. He ended his speech by paying homage to martyr Com. Chandrashekhar and expressed his solidarity with the incarcerated Umar Khalid and those in Bhima Koregoan case.

The youth parliament was also addressed by Nandita Narayan, Professor in Delhi University and ex-President of DUTA. She said that those in power are against I.N.D.I.A. because their own history has been one of conniving with the British against India. The New Education Policy is a tool to destroy the education of this country and communalize it. Ratan Lal, Professor in Delhi University while addressing the gathering said that crimes against Dalits and tribals are on the rise. Even the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi appears benign when compared to the undeclared emergency that we are witnessing today. Universities are being converted into jails where the teachers are being harassed and forced to commit suicide. He said that it is the need of the hour to throw away this government if the county is to be saved.

Sandip Saurabh, the National General Secretary of AISA and an MLA in Bihar said that those were supposed to run RSS Shakhas are running the country. Small and medium industries are being closed to help crony capitalists who are close to the government. Reservation in jobs is on the decline as the government jobs are being privatized. Youths are being told that it is the Hindus that are under attack and not the jobs. Graduation courses have been converted into four years to deny education to a large number of students. Only by foiling these attempts can the youth save the country. Jitendra Meena, a Professor in Delhi University said that the promise of 2 crore jobs in a year has been forgotten. Even the media is deliberately silent on this issue. The Forest Protection Act of 2023 makes it possible for the government to snatch the lands from the tribal people.

Ajit Kushwaha, youth leader and MLA from Bihar appealed to the youth to prepare themselves for the 2024 elections and foil all attempts to divide them on communal lines. Social activist Banojyotsana said that democracy is preserved in a country only when there is a mass- movement on the streets. She said that the fighting youths are a source of inspiration as well as the saviours of democracy in the country.

The National President of RYA, Aaftab Alam in his address said that the parliament is held in such times when Muslims are being subjected to targeted killings in trains and Manipur is on fire. The youth will have to give a befitting reply to this conspiracy.

Neeraj Kumar, the National general Secretary of RYA said that this youth parliament is being held in Delhi because the country’s Parliament has stopped discussion on issues of the youth. The Modi Government had come to power by promising 2 crore jobs every year. In response to a question in Parliament, the government had to accept that in the past 8 years, only 7.2 lakh jobs could be provided by the government against applications from 22 crore youth. The fact is that the PM is offering jobs to a few thousand youth in ‘Rozgar Mela’ and the Godi media is portraying it as a big campaign to provide employment. Even the number of jobs granted by the PM are a mere 15 % of the total vacancies. The ‘Agni Path’ scheme has bulldozed the job prospects of the youth of this country. He said that the tragic train accident in Orrisa was the outcome of shortage of railway staff in the signal section.

The youth parliament was also addressed by faculty members of Ambedkar University, Dipa Sinha and Shivani Nag, Uma from Delhi University and V. Shankar, the National President of AICCTU. 

Resolutions adopted by the Youth Parliament:

A special session of the Parliament should be convened to discuss a roadmap for providing employment to the youth of the country.

Manipur crisis should be discussed in Parliament, a judicial enquiry should be conducted and CM Biren Singh should be removed.

The government should put an end to the hate mongering and such goons should be put behind bars.

All activists of CAA movement including Umar Khalid should be unconditionally released.

All fake cases in the Bhima Koregoan incident should be withdrawn.

The New Education Policy 2020 which restricts education to poor students should be scrapped.

The government should issue a white paper on the number of jobs provided by it in the past 9 years.

Implement Bhagat Singh Employment Guarantee Act.

Provide Rs. 10,000 per month to all unemployed youth.

Stop move to sell all state assets including railways.

Cancel ‘Agniveer Scheme’ and fill all vacancies in the armed forces.

Increase the number of seats in the general and sleeper coaches in trains

Roll back the decision to cut 15 lakh jobs in railways

Put an end to the recurrent paper leaks, mala fide practices and reservation scandals in competitive examinations.

Youth Parliament