Obituary: Achyut Yagnik, Revolutionary Balladeer Gaddar, Comrade Rajendra Prajapati

Achyut Yagnik, socialist scholar, activist and anti-communal campaigner passed away following a cardiac arrest at his residence in Ahmedabad on August 4. He will always be remembered for his bold and courageous role in building people’s solidarity amid the divisive politics that marred the state post 2002 Gujarat genocide.

Tribute to the revolutionary balladeer Gaddar (Gummadi Vittal Rao), legendary musical ambassador of the revolutionary communist movement in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He passed away on August 6 in a hospital in Hyderabad. His legacy will live on in the struggles of the people.

Comrade Rajendra Prajapati passed away on 21 August in a hospital in Siwan. He was a Block committee member in Mairwan and had also served a term as elected Mukhiya of his panchayat. He had been a vanguard in many struggles against feudal-criminal forces in his district and only for this reason spent many years of his life inside jails. He was spreadheading the movement to organising rural workers at the block level. Just recently he shared his plans for strengthening the movement for MGNREGA workers in his district. Losing an enthusiastic, militant and committed comrade untimely is a huge loss for the party. We pay revolutionary tributes to comrade Rajendra Prajapati and resolve to accomplish his unfinished work.

Achyut Yagnik