Phooldev Kushwaha

Comrade Phooldev Kushwaha, 72, a veteran leader of the party in West Champaran, passed away on 17 April 2023. He was suffering from various ailments including high BP and diabetes. He became an activist in his early youth during 80s when he associated himself with PCC (SN Singh). Later he joined CPIML in 1986. He was in the forefront of struggles of rural poor against upper caste feudal forces in Chanpatia block. It was his fearless struggles that the oppressed poor of his village stood straight in front of oppressive castes without fear and with dignity. They were able to occupy nearly 300 acres of ceiling surplus lands which had been allotted to them. The Rajput caste feudals retorted by launching a private armies, Kisan Sangh and Ram Rahim Sena, in the decade of 90s, which unsuccessfully tried to finish the CPIML movement by conniving with local police administration. They failed only because of the resolve of the oppressed poor and party’s strength under the able leadership of comrade Phooldev Kushwaha. Those were the days when party also worked under the banner of Indian People’s Front. IPF became extremely popular among the rural poor.

Once comrade Phooldev was arrested illegally by Gopalpur police station incharge then thousands of rural people surrounded to police jeep forcing his release.

He was targetted by the state because of his commitment with the struggles of oppressed people against the oppressive feudals in his village. He sacrificed a lot in terms of property as well as his personal life for these struggles. His house was seized and destroyed by the police. His family faced many troubles due to these harassments, but Phooldev Kushwaha continued with the struggles by side by side caring for his family. He suffered state represssion and had to spend a time in jail but his spirit could never be dampened by these tactics. He also contested for the Bihar Assembly once from Sikta constituency.

CPIML grieves his passing away and pledges to carry on with the struggles he initiated for a just society.

Comrade Phooldev Kushwaha was cremated in his village Machhahi Bharwalia in Champaran.

Phooldev Kushwaha