Protests in India against Israel’s Genocidal War in Gaza

People have been protesting in all states of India in large numbers braving police highhandedness and right wing propaganda to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and Gaza. Repression on protestors is severe in BJP ruled states but the people are coming out holding various programmes. CPIML gave a call for countrywide protests on 7 November which was observed in all places at district and village level. The Modi government’s pro-Israel stand is vehemently been criticised through these protests. 


As part of the four-day (November 7-10, 2023) call by Left parties demanding immediate cease-fire in Gaza, a public meeting in solidarity with Palestine was held on November 7 at HKS Surjeet Bhawan, Delhi. Palestinian Ambassador to India also addressed the meeting along with leaders of the Left parties.

Speaking at the convention, Dipankar Bhattacharya, General Secretary, CPIML said that India's freedom struggle against the 200 years of British colonial rule teaches and inspires us to stand with the people of Palestine and their struggle for liberation. Standing with Palestine is standing with values of India's anti-colonial freedom struggle - liberty, equality, solidarity and justice." He further added that Israel’s intentions are to repeat the Nakbha of 1948 and carry out another ethnic cleaning of the Palestinians from their homeland. And it’s a shame and matter of grave concern that at this juncture Modi government is standing with Israel, throwing away the historic foreign policy of India which always stood with Palestinian people and their cause. Today, Indian government is complicit with the crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians. We need intensify our movement to end this genocide against people in occupied Palestine and also the complicity of Modi-BJP regime, by strengthening our country-wide and village level campaigns. We also need to counter the attempts by BJP and Godi media to portray the struggle by people of Palestine as terrorism.

The Palestinian Ambassador to India, Adnan Abu Alhaija expressed his gratitude to the people of India for their steadfast solidarity with the people of Palestine. Explaining the Israel’s war on Gaza, he also added how the apartheid policies of Israel against the Palestinians, despite the Oslo peace agreement are taking away rights, dignity and lives of people of Palestine. From land to water to food, everything is controlled by the Israel to harass and intimidate Palestinians. 

Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of CPI(M), D Raja, General Secretary of CPI, G Devarajan, General Secretary of Forward Bloc, R.S. Dagar, Central Committee Member of RSP, Prakash Rao of the CGPI and Prakash Karat of CPI(M) addressed this Convention. The meet called for countrywide protests against the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin who are coming to secure India's support for the US-Israel genocidal campaign in Gaza and asked the Modi government not to accept the shocking and disastrous proposal of exporting Indian construction workers to Israel to replace Palestinian workers.

Across the country, CPI(ML) and mass organisations, along with other left parties and several progressive organisations have been intensifying their campaign in solidarity with the people of Palestine and to mount pressure on the Modi government and the US-Israel axis to stop the genocide. 


In a joint rally in Patna on November 7 was held at Buddha Smriti Park, Patna. The leaders of the left parties strongly opposed the policies of American imperialism, which is funding, arming and supporting Israel said that the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank must be stopped immediately. The world must unite against the attempt by Israel to wipe out the existence of people of Palestine. Unanimously condemning the pro-Israel policy of Modi government, the leaders at the protest said that Modi’s support to Israel is about importing the tools and tactics of repression against the people. The BJP is trying to draw a false parallel between terrorist attacks in India and the present Hamas offensive. Yet again, the Modi government and the BJP have turned a blind eye to the occupation and crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians, and are seeking to instrumentalise this situation to further fan the flames of hate against India’s own Muslim community. The speakers asserted that the only acceptable role for India is to help seek a political solution upholding the Palestinian right to a sovereign homeland, which is the only possible route to peace.

On November 6, the CPI(ML) MLAs Mahboob Alam, Sandeep Saurav, Manoj Manzil, Mahanand Prasad, Rambali Singh Yadav, Amarjeet Kushwaha and Sudama Prasad held a demonstration inside the Bihar State Legislative Assembly calling for an end to Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza and for immediate ceasefire during the beginning of Winter Session of the Assembly.

On November 2, on the martyrdom anniversary of Comrade Shah Chand, the legendary CPI(ML) leader of Arwal, a massive anti-war meeting was organised in his memory in Arwal and condemned the Modi government's shameless refusal to back the UN resolution for peace. 

West Bengal

On November 8, a massive march was taken out from Mahajati Sadan by the left parties in Kolkata. The march witnessed thousands rallying against the on-going Israel’s genocidal war on the people of Gaza and called for immidiate ceasefire. Condemning the war, the protest expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle against Israel’s settler colonial policy and military occupation. CPIML Politburo member Abhijit Mazumdar said that the Israel’s war is nothing but ethnic cleaning of Palestinians and it is attempting another Nakba on the people of Gaza. Hundreds of people, including children are being killed by Israel on daily-basis in Gaza and this needs to stop now. 

On November 1, a joint protest march was organised from college street in Kolkata. Indrani Datta, AIPWA state Secretary said that thousands of women and children have been killed in massacre against people of Palestine, the complicity of the US and other western countries is shameful and immediate steps needs to be taken to stop this genocidal war. The Indian government must also stand with the people of Palestine.  

CPIML also organised Protest demonstrations in Jadavupur and Krishnanagar among other places in West Bengal. 


AICCTU Odisha state unit organised a protest at Gunupur, Rayagada on November 7 where Mahendra Parida, AICCTU state secretary condemning the massacre of Palestinians said that  India government should carry forward anti-colonial legacy and put pressure on Israel and Western countries to immediately put an end to the war and work on a solution for a sovereign state of the people of Palestine. 

Andhra Pradesh

Palestine Solidarity rally was organised by CPIML in Tenali, Guntur district on November 7. The march, expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle for liberation was organised from the CPIML district office (Jamia Majid) at Shivaji Chowk to Chinaravur Park demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza and end to Israel’s genocidal campaign. A poster exhibition was held as part of the protest depicting the brutality of the Israel’s war on Palestinians. 

CPIML Liberation State Secretary Nainalashetti Murthy speaking at the protest called for implementation of the resolution of the United Nations for ceasefire in Gaza and to establish and recognize an independent Palestine.  


Palestine solidarity protest demonstrations were organised by all district units of CPIML in Jharkhand up to village level. On November 8, Dhanbad witnessed a protest at Randhir Verma Chowk calling for Ceasefire in Gaza and end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. CPIML District Secretary Karthik Prasad expressing solidarity with Palestine noted that silence of western countries like the US and UK is shameful and clearly these country are complicit in the genocide against Palestinians that is being perpetuated by Israel. 

A joint rally of Left Parties was organised on November 7 in Ranchi’s Albert Ekka Chowk expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine protesters demanded Indian government should stop its alliance with the US and Israel and stand with cause of justice and with the people of Palestine. 

A demonstration was organised in Haldwani, Uttarakhand on November 8 as part the joint call calling for ceasefire in Gaza and end to Israel’s genocidal war. 

Uttar Pradesh

In the state, protests were organised in dozens of cities by CPIML independently as well as part of the joint left call. Memorandums addressed to the President of India were sent from all districts through these demonstrations. A march with massive participation of people was held in Ballia district headquarters by all left parties on 10 November where people recalled strong Indo-Palestine ties and criticised Modi government for pro-Israel policies. Demonstrations were also organised in other districts including Gorakhpur, Gazipur, Ayodhya and Azamgarh. Allahabad, Varanasi, Basti, Mau, Jalaun also witnessed protests where concerns regarding non-availability of adequate aid to Palestinians in Gaza were also raised.

Protests in India against Israel’s Genocidal War in Gaza