Dwindling Campus Democracy in Allahabad University

Protests were held in many districts of Uttar Pradesh on 16 November against the attack on campus democracy in Allahabad University and the brutal assault on a dalit student by the university Chief Proctor Rakesh Singh. The protests also condemned the increasing violence against women under Modi-Yogi regime and demanded dignity and justice for dalits and instituting GSCASH as well as SC-ST cells in universities in the state. 

On October 17, Allahabad University Chief Proctor Rakesh Singh brutally assaulted AISA AU unit president and dalit student Comrade Vivek for standing up for the rights of the students. Along with Comrade Vivek, other students who were also protesting against the curtailment of student rights and for democratic campus have been abused with casteist slurs and attacked. 

Earlier on October 31, AISA wrote a letter to the President of India Droupadi Murmu regarding student's protest in Allahabad University and issue of attack on campus democracy and misuse of administrative authority by the University Proctor. Expressing the deep sense of concern and anguish, the letter noted "We all know, that Allahabad University has been rightly recognised in the world as the 'Oxford of the East' due to its academic excellence. But what made the academic excellence of Allahabad University distinguished & significant was its accessibility and inclusiveness for the common people of India, especially students coming from marginalised sections of the society. To make the campus democratic and vibrant so that the interests of students remain not just merely protected but the students themselves inculcate the constitutional values before going into society and contribute to its overall development, the student union of Allahabad University has also made a significant contribution. Unfortunately, all these great achievements of Allahabad University are rapidly being diminished as the present university administration continues to undermine all the principles of democracy and inclusiveness."

AISA has put forwarded following demands in the letter for urgent consideration: 

1. Release all the student leaders under imprisonment who were involved in the fee hike protest.

2. Suspension and campus entry restriction orders against all the student leaders must be revoked.

3. Strict legal action must be taken against Chief Proctor Rakesh Singh under SC/ST Atrocities Act for brutally assaulting a Dalit student and he must be removed from his position.

Dwindling Campus Democracy in Allahabad University