Lathicharge on Agitating Teachers is Condemnable: CPIML

CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal has said that the government has complicated the teachers' rules badly giving way to many apprehensions. In place of satisfying the agitating teachers, they were subjected to barbaric lathicharge which is condemnable. The Mahagathbandhan government cannot adopt the path of repression in this way. The CPIML condemns the lathicharge on teachers aspiring for regular appointments.

He said that the teachers’ manual has been controversial since the beginning. Teachers’ organisations and candidates for teachers examination are continuously opposing the holding of exams. We had requested the government to seriously listen to their demands and reconsider the examination, but on the contrary the government ended the domicile policy. It is only natural for teachers and candidates for teachers examination to get angry. We demand the state government to adopt the path of dialogue instead of repression. Domicile policy must be implemented so that the students and youth of Bihar can get employment. He also said that the BJP should not shed crocodile tears in this matter. When BJP was in power, it resorted to lathi charge and firing on candidates for teacher examination many times. The BJP has never been serious about giving teachers the status of government employees.

The central government has cheated the youth of the whole country and through the Agneepath scheme played with their future. Where did the promise of two crore jobs every year go, the BJP should first answer this? The people of Bihar know the reality of the BJP very well, so they are not going to fall in their trap.

It is not appropriate to remove domicile policy in teacher reinstatement

CPIML State Secretary Kunal has said that it is very unexpected and unfair to suddenly remove the domicile policy in the midst of the ongoing process of teacher recruitment. Due to this, the rights of the students of Bihar will be taken away and the anger of the already angry teachers' organisations and candidates will flare up further. He said that it was expected that the government would take a positive decision in favour of teachers' organisations and candidates, but on the contrary, it has disappointed them further by abolishing the domicile policy.

CPIML has been standing with teachers' organisations and candidates since the beginning. We also made efforts at many levels and efforts were made to get the government to reconsider the new rules. But the matter seems to be moving in the other direction. We still demand the government to hold talks with teachers' organisations and candidates and find a solution to the matter.

He said that the government argues it is necessary to remove the domicile policy for the recruitment of better teachers. Are there no capable candidates in Bihar? If this is the case then it is very worrying. The government will have to answer this as to why the state's education system is in such a bad condition.

Domicile policy is applicable in many states. In Jharkhand, 100 percent domicile is applicable in primary teacher recruitment. This policy is also applicable in Madhya Pradesh. That's why the Bihar government should be worried about unemployed youth of State and should take a rational decision.

Lathicharge on Agitating Teachers