Delhi HC Observes AISA Activists' House Arrest during PM Modi's DU Visit as Illegal

Citing 'security reasons' for the PM visitat Delhi University, student and AISA Activists Abhigyan and Anjali were held in detention at their flat from 9 am till 2 pm, not allowing him to meet any visitors. No warrant of any sort wasbeen presented neither these activists were informed as to how long their house arrest would last.

On July 12, the Delhi High Court in response to a the habeas corpus filed by Abhigyan against the house arrest observed that such detention without any order or warrant is illegal. Delivering the order, Justice Mridul orally remarked: “Illegal custody is an anathema and antithesis of rule of law but the law applies equally to the Police as it does to you. When a law requires an act to be done, it has to be done in that manner and no other. Your allegation is for illegal detention. You file a complaint. The Police does not have any immunity for their action. If there is something, law will take its own course but for us to do anything at this stage, it will be putting the cart before the horse. This is a very unique case which is why we were looking at it very carefully.”

Delhi HC gave liberty to Abhigyan to approach the SHO of the Model Town Police Station to file a complaint against the officials who had detained Abhigyan without any authorisation.

Why is PM Modi Afraid of Students?

One can only imagine what 'safety' threat Comrades Abhigyan and Anjali could have posed to the PM, except perhaps the threat posed by their questions about the deteriorating state of Delhi University and the education system in the country.

The reality of Modi's idea of education reflects in the events that unfolded when he was scheduled to attend the Delhi University Centenary Celebrations which was a part of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’! Hours before the event started, the police encircled the flat of these AISA leaders and told them that they are going to stay with them and they won’t be allowed to leave the flat.

Anjali said that whatever happens we will continue to ask questions that matter. Silencing the voices that raise questions is what the Modi government wants in the campuses. But we won't remain silent. Neither the barricades nor the police force can smother the voices of democracy and dissent.

AISA Activists' House Arrest