Comrade Sugundan

Comrade Sugundan, at the age of 75, passed away on 6th July 2023 at Vellore Government Hospital when he was under treatment for cardiac attack. Comrade Sugundan has been a whole time activist of the party for the last 40 years, the state Vice President of AICCTU and also a former state secretary for a brief period in 90s. He was also a delegate to the 11th party Congress at Patna in February and participated in the deliberations enthusiastically.

Comrade Sugundan got attracted towards revolutionary politics, joined the party and became a wholetime activist when he was active as a part of the Simpson company workers union in mid ‘70s in Chennai. He was active in organising party work in various districts of Tamil Nadu since the underground days. He has contributed to organise agricultural labourers, peasants and workers in various districts.

In his later period, for the last 20 years, he dedicated his life to organise workers in leather and leather goods industries of Ambur – Vaniyambadi belt of erstwhile Vellore district after the demise of comrade A Venkatesan who was fondly known as AV, the founder leader of the union. Comrade Sugundan has led various struggles of workers of various factories in the leather industry in the belt. He had been an uncompromising leader committed to the cause of developing class struggle and was most concerned about the challenge of developing class consciousness among the working class. He had stood with the party in most challenging times despite his own reservations on some issues.

He had also been active in developing a farmer’s organisation in Dindigul district until he breathed last. He has also advised and assisted various political friends to intensify workers and other people’s movement irrespective of their political affiliations. Next to comrade A Venkatesan (AV), Sugundan is another comrade the movement of leather and leather goods industry workers will never forget. We are committed to carry forward his unfinished tasks. 

Let us Uphold the Memory of Comrade Sugundan ! Red Salutes to Comrade Sugundan!

Comrade Sugundan