Mahendra Singh Martyrdom Day

The 18th martyrdom day of Comrade Mahendra Singh was observed extensively across Jharkhand, with a pledge to strengthen Left unity and intensify people's struggles. Mahendra Singh's martyrdom day (16 January) is the party's Sankalp (Resolution) Diwas reiterating to carry forward the legacy of Bhagat Singh and Birsa Munda. The newly erected statue of Comrade Mahendra Singh at Bagodar Bus Stand (image in back cover) was garlanded by Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya and other leaders including MLA Vinod Singh, Kartik Pal, Manoj Bhakt, Arup Chatterjee, Haldar Mahto and others.

Along with Comrade Mahendra Singh, tributes were also paid to his wife and comrade-in-struggles, Bagodar MLA Comrade Vinod's mother Shanti Devi who passed away on  the night of 16 January 2022. Comrade Shanti Devi had been ailing for some time and had been admitted in the Bokaro District Hospital. Three days ago she had been discharged from hospital and was staying with her younger daughter Vibha.

Shanti Devi played the most important role in making Comrade Mahendra Singh a people's leader. She played an important role when during the party's underground period Comrade Mahendra Singh's house became the centre for revolutionary activities and a shelter for Comrade Vinod Mishra and other party leaders and where party meetings used to be held.

Rule of Terror Can Be Defeated by People's Struggles

Addressing the Sankalp Sabha on the 18th martyrdom day at Comrade Mahendra Singh's native village  Khambhra in Bagodar, CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that the rule of terror can be defeated only by people's struggles. Comrade Mahendra Singh taught us this lesson early on. Modi's fascist Raj is the rule of terror. Today the farmers' movement has once again proved Mahendra Singh right by pushing back Modi's fascist Raj. Speaking about the ravages caused by the Modi government's anti-people policies, he said that the whole country is struggling with the 3rd wave of Covid. This is a huge pandemic. There should be guarantee of free health services for the people. Everyone remembers how the Modi government went into hiding during the 2nd wave, leaving the entire country in the lurch. Fascism is a pandemic even bigger than Corona. The pro-corporate Sanghi Modi government is unleashing attack after attack on the country's democracy and Constitution.

Speaking about the forthcoming elections in 5 States including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, Comrade Dipankar said that we will carry out a strong campaign to defeat the BJP. The CPIML will field candidates from selected seats. The party will come together with all anti-BJP forces to ensure a resounding defeat for the BJP. The aspiration for change is clearly visible in Uttar Pradesh and the Yogi government will get a befitting reply to the crimes it has perpetrated against dalits, backward castes and minorities. Condemning Modi's silence on the recent calls for genocide of Muslims at so-called Dharm Sansads, Comrade Dipankar said that the conspiracy to incite hatred and violence will not succeed any more.

Expressing concern over laxity in appointments, growing unemployment rate, evasion on issues of all contract personnel including para teachers, Rasoiyas, Sahiyas and Swasthya Sahiyas and delay in resolving farmers' land-related issues, he reminded the Hemant Soren government that these were the very issues on which the people removed the Raghuvar government and gave Hemant Soren a chance. He said that the State government should take immediate steps to fulfil the aspirations of the people.

“Our party will not tolerate mob lynching and growing violence against women in the State; nor shall we tolerate the conspiracy to attack adivasis' right to forests and land through drone surveys in the name of the Property Card Scheme. The party will intensify its struggles on these issues on the streets as well as inside the Assembly,” he added. 

Memorial Events

Programs in memory of Comrade Mahendra Singh were organized across Jharkhand. Block. Leaders and activists from CPIML, MSS, RJD, CPI, CPI-M, Jharkhand Andolankari Sangharsh Morcha, Bagaicha  and other organizations garlanded Mahendra Singh’s portrait at Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi and paid tributes to their beloved leader. Addressing the meeting, CPIML Politburo member Janardan Prasad said that Mahendra Singh was not just a person but the name of an ideology, and he continuously raised his voice for the rights of the exploited, deprived and working people in the streets as well as inside the Assembly.

RJD leader Rajesh, Jharkhand Andolan Sangharsh Morcha leader Raju Mahto AIPF leader, Nadeem Khan, Bagaicha director Father Tony, CPIML District Secretary Bhubaneshwar Kewat Adivasi Sangharsh Morcha leader Jagarnath Oraon, MSS leader Sushanto Mukherjee, CPI District Secretary Ajay Singh, CPI-M labour leader SK Rai, Azam Ahmed of the Adivasi Moolwasi Morcha, Pushkar Mahto, social worker Alok Kujur, Sushila Tigga, Iqbal Khan, Rajendra Kant Mahto, Bhim Sahu Inamul Haque, Babar Khan Mewa Lakra and  others also addressed the meeting.

Mahendra Singh Martyrdom Day