Bank Loan Write-Offs: Serving the Corporates

Bank loan write-offs and bank frauds continue to mount at an unprecedented rate under the BJP regime in the last eight years. Public Sector Banks (PSBs) which were in good financial health till 2014, started hitting the floor since the start of the Modi regime. This is also the time when corporate defaulters were given the freedom to regularly flee from the country with unpaid debts amounting to millions of rupees. Rishi Agarwal was the latest prominent name who left the shores with a whopping debt of Rs. 24,000 Crore!

Inflation and Corporate Takeover: An Unfolding Tragedy

In a video, a man walks into a vegetable shop for lemons. He pays 5 rupees for the lemon and presents a small glass. The vendor takes out a syringe, inserts it into the lemon. He pulls out 10 ml of lemon juice using the syringe and gives it to the customer. This video is a comedy sketch, which is going viral on social media. But underneath this comedy video lies a great tragedy unfolding in India.