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Palestine Solidarity Protest Across India Calls For End to Israel's Genocidal War

Across the country, there is an intense wave of support for the people of Gaza and condemnation for Israel and its US and EU allies. The people are coming forward to express their sentiments for the children of Gaza and lives being lost on both sides. Solidarity protests were held at many places in states as well as in New Delhi. Protests also took place in many universities and campuses by students and faculty alike. Social media is also being used by people who are prevented by the BJP regime from taking out any solidarity protests in support of Palestine. Despite the spread of false information and targeting of people by the BJP supported right-wing trolls, concerned citizens, activists and common people are voicing out and asking the Modi government to work towards a peaceful resolution of the current crisis in Gaza, condemn Israel’s aggression and war crimes.


Hundreds of people joined a Citizens’ March in the national capital braving brutal violence and repression by the Delhi Police on October 16th. Hundreds were detained and taken to various police stations across the city.

The assembled activists condemned the settler apartheid colonialism of Israel in Palestine. Amidst the slogans chanting ‘Stop Israel's Genocidal War in Gaza’, ‘In solidarity with Palestinian people and their struggle for liberation’, ‘Shame on Modi-BJP regime’, ‘Palestine Will Be Free’ and ‘Why people can't come out in solidarity with the people of Palestine facing brutality at the hands of Israel?’. While being detained, CPIML Delhi Secretary Ravi Rai said that India has always stood against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Modi government wants to change this policy because it wants to reshape India into an ethnic nationalist, Islamophobic, authoritarian, surveillance state like Israel, and we are against this policy.

Delhi Protest

CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya condemned the repression of citizens in Delhi in a statement and said, “Right now a genocide is being inflicted on the people of Gaza by the Israeli forces. From occupation Israel is now moving towards decimation of Gaza and extermination of the Palestinian people.

Abhigyan, President of AISA, Delhi condemning the police violence said that people of Delhi had come to protest against Israel's brutal war on people of Palestine. This war must stop now and occupation  has  to end . "For far too long Israel has been violating every single UN resolution on Palestine and every tenet of international rule of law and justice.

Across Europe and America we see massive marches and meetings demanding peace in Palestine, but citizens of Delhi who had assembled at Jantar Mantar to amplify this global voice for peace, dignity and rights of the Palestinian people were detained by the Delhi Police. The Indian people's solidarity with the Palestinian people cannot be silenced through coercion.”


On October 16, a large number Bengaluru citizens raised their voice against Israel's genocidal war on Gaza, but were detained from MG road by the Bengaluru police for protesting and distributing pamphlets condemning the genocide of Palestinians.

CPIML Karnataka Secretary, Clifton D' Rozario condemned the arrests and said that standing against Israeli occupation is about humanity and we must stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and Gaza, reiterating our demand of ending the occupation of Palestine.

Protest in Karnataka


A citizens’ protest was held in Patna on October 15th, which was addressed by the leaders of left parties and many prominent citizens. This was addressed by Dipankar Bhattacharya, Arun Mishra of CPIM, Sarvoday Sharma and Gazanfar Nawab of CPI, Meena Tiwari of AIPWA, Shashi Yadav, Afzal Hussain, Abhyuday, Vishwajit Kumar and Manoj Chandravanshi.

Condemning the brutal aggression and genocide by Israel, protesters reiterated the Palestinians’ right to their homeland. They condemned the BJP’s attempts to use this grave humanitarian crisis for spreading hate against Muslims and demanded that the Modi government stand in favour of the Palestinian people. Hundreds of people joined this protest.

Comrade Dipankar  said that Gaza today has been turned into an open jail where children, elderly and women are facing brutal bombing by Israel. The water supply and electricity has been disconnected while medicines and other essential needs have been stopped. This is a genocide similar to what Jews faced in Hitler’s Germany. Now Israel wants to completely wipe out the existence of Palestine which must be resisted by the whole world.

He called it quite unfortunate that our Prime Minister, who had not uttered a word for the people of Manipur, spared no time tweeting in support of Israel. The Modi government has turned its back on the massive humanitarian crisis in Palestine. He criticised the BJP’s false propaganda against Palestine and said that the BJP falsely boasts of Modi’s “vishwaguru power” and that he could stop war in Ukraine and that he has a very good friendship with Israel. If they believe it’s really true, then why can’t they ask Modi to make any effort for establishing peace in Gaza and Palestine?, he asked.

CPIM leader Arun Mishra condemned the Israeli attack and BJP’s propaganda of falsely equating Hamas attack with past terrorist attacks in India. He said that Modi is using these heinous attacks by Israel to foment Islamophobia in India.

Gazanfar Nawab of CPI warned the Indian government saying we must not become complicit in Israel’s war crimes. Indian foreign policy must work in the direction of a political resolution of the crisis, establishment of a sovereign homeland for Palestinians and immediate ceasefire in Gaza strip.


A protest was held in Ranchi by trade unions and farmers’ organisations at Albert Ekka Chowk organised by AICCTU, AITUC, Kisan Sabha and AIPF. A memorandum was dispatched to the government of India demanding to work for establishing peace in Palestine. Subhendu Sen, AICCTU, said India must not stand with the perpetrators of genocide. Kisan Sabha’s Jharkhand president Mahendra Pathak termed the killings in Gaza a blot on the whole of humanity.  Bhuvaneshwar Kewat, Nadim Khan, Sarita Tigga and many others also expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine.



Patna Protest against War in Gaza