Tributes to John K Erumeli (1940-2023)

Comrade John K Erumeli breathed his last, on 11 Feb 2023, on the way to hospital where he was rushed for a complaint of an unusual chest congestion.

Born in 1940 at Vellur near Pampadi in Kottayam district, Comrade John K Erumeli was working as E D postman at Kanakapalam post office.  He decided to quit his job to become a full-time political activist of the party, CPIML Liberation, to serve for the society and the people.

Comrade John K, who was actively associated with the Communist movement and the Kerala Yuktivadi Sangham (Kerala Rationalists’ Organisation) during the 1960s and 70s, was in the CPIM after the split in the Communist Party of India in 1964. 

In 1967, when the message of the historic Naxalbari peasants struggle inspired communist revolutionaries across the country, Comrade John K came forward to dedicate his life to build a revolutionary movement in Kerala. He played a crucial role to keep the party's flag high in the state of Kerala. He was the state secretary of the party for many decades but for a brief gap.

He is associated with the party, CPIML Liberation, since the underground days and then in the Indian People's Front (IPF), which was a mass political organization till 1992.  He worked tirelessly, as the secretary of the party's State Leading Team (SLT), to expand the party's mass base in Kerala until his death.

He was also arrested for joining and organising a protest against the Global Investors' Meet (GIM). Comrade John K Erumeli was the Chief Editor of "Janakeeya Sabdam" a monthly organ of the party in Kerala. He was also a founder, on behalf of the party, to float a publishing venture "Janakeeya Sabdam Publications".

Comrade John K was also an ardent reader and a prolific writer. He has also authored several books in Malayalam.

Comrade John K is survived by his life partner Amminikkutty and two sons, Rajesh and Mukesh.
Red Salutes to Comrade John K Erumeli!

In memory of Comrade John K Erumeli

A memorial meeting of Comrade John K Erumeli, the secretary of the CPIML, was held at Trivandrum on 12th March. The newly elected state secretary Comrade Johnson Ambattu presided over the meeting.
Comrade Balasundaram, the CC In Charge for the state fondly recollected the dedication and sacrificing values of Comrade John K Erumeli who led the party in most difficult times, right from the underground days. He said that fulfilling the dreams and carrying forward the unfulfilled tasks of the comrade is the fitting tribute.
Comrade Shankar, the CCM, remembered his decades-long association with Comrade John K Erumeli in building the party in Kerala. He also recollected the determination and sacrifice, the qualities of a communist embedded in Comrade John K’s life and struggle. He highlighted the role of Comrade John K who kept the party flag flying high in the state. He also called upon the party cadres in Kerala to build a bigger, stronger and united party in the state.
Comrade John K’s life partner, Comrade Ammini, who, in fact, shared all sufferings in order to help the comrade to serve the people and the party, was also present on the occasion. Comrade John K’s daughter in law, Snehalatha and the grandson were also present and also recollected the sweet memories with Comrade John K.
Comrade OP Kunjupilla, who had been a life-time associate of Comrade John K and also a senior leader of the party in the state, fondly remembered his long association as a friend and comrade. Senior Comrades Pathiyur Viswam, Sugathan, Sivasankaran also addressed the memorial meeting along with Comrades Ajithan, Sujith, Adv Jayakumar, Babu, Asokan and others. Comrade John K Erumeli, being an ardent writer in Malayalam was duely honoured by the Madhyamam magazine by carrying an exclusive article in memory of comrade John K Erumeli.
The comrades and friends present on the occasion resolved to carry the revolutionary banner handed over by comrade John K Erumeli and to make his dreams a reality.
John K Erumeli