Labour Unrest Brewing in the United States

Beyond the everyday headlines, the United States seems to be heading towards a new wave of labour militancy. Almost every major industry in the US seems to have been hit by the recent mobilization of workers, who are no longer willing to work for poverty wages. While the labour shortage triggered by the restrictions due to COVID-19 is seen as the immediate cause, the roots of the problem lie deep within the economy itself.

Facebook: Making Profit With Hate Speech

Facebook is once again at the center of controversy, this time due to accusations by a whistleblower of prioritizing profit over monitoring hate-groups and hate-speech. The lack of transparency over content moderation has often been flagged as one of the key issues with the social media giant that also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. The Intercept published a 100 page list of ‘Dangerous Individuals and Organizations’, which Facebook circulates among its employees for moderation of contents on its sites .

Voices of Young Afghan Women

At the Afghan Solidarity demonstration organised in Delhi on August 23 (demonstrations were observed at Bangalore, Kolkata, Budge-Budge and Bishnupur in South 24 Parganas, Udaipur and Jaipur), several Afghan women students joined in. Holding a large Afghan flag and placards that said “Burqa is a cage” and “No to Taliban Rule”, these women were eager to speak about their experiences. One young woman student recited a poem she had written in Farsi. Another young woman Sadaf addressed the Indian activists’ gathering to say “Nobody chooses to be a refugee.

Lebanon’s Economic Woes: No Way Out?

Lebanon has been in the grip of a major economic crisis for more than a year. This has led to inflation of more than 700%, the currency losing 95% of its value, chronic shortages of essentials including food, medicine, fuel and even essential public services like healthcare. How did this happen? How did Lebanon go from being one of the most prosperous countries in West Asia, to one of with such immense crisis? The answer as usual lies with neoliberalism in particular and capitalism in general.

Afganistan Weeps

The US ended its two decade long occupation with what amounts to a transfer of power to the Taliban. What are the implications of these developments, and what are our obligations as Indian citizens towards the Afghan people in this time of crisis and transition?