How Not To Fight Fascism

Reflections On Kanhaiya’s Arguments For Joining The Congress

On September 28, Bhagat Singh’s birth anniversary, Kanhaiya Kumar announced his decision to leave the CPI and join the Congress party. He joined Congress along with Congress-backed Gujarat MLA and Left-leaning Ambedkarite leader of the Dalit movement Jignesh Mevani.

India Hungrier Under Modi

If you're not living under a rock, you must have heard of India’s dismal performance on the Global Hunger Index. Before talking about India's rank, it is an absolute must to understand what the Global Hunger Index (henceforth GHI) entails and what it does not.

What Is The GHI

The GHI combines four indicators:

Air India Sell Out: A Deal for Which Taxpayers Have to Pay the Bill

Have we ever heard of a deal where the seller has to shell out a large sum in exchange for handing over a huge legacy enterprise worth Rs. 52000 crores of assets and solid infrastructure? This is exactly what is happening in Modi’s much-touted ‘New India’; the government is selling the iconic Air India to the Tata Group on terms which will result in losses for the public exchequer.

Increasing State-sponsored Hate and Vigilantism in Karnataka

There has recently been a spate of vigilante actions and moral policing in Karnataka. According to a report in The Print, there have been 11 such cases in the past month in Karnataka, where inter-faith friendships and relationships have been targeted. Couples and even friends and colleagues belonging to different faiths have been threatened and harassed by right-wing vigilante groups for just going home together from work, visiting a restaurant and spending time together.

Undertrials and Human Rights Violations

The current Chief Justice of India (CJI), N.V. Ramana, spoke in August this year about the state of human rights in the country and the role that the Supreme Court should play to defend justice. In his speech delivered at the Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi on 8 August, he said that police stations “pose significant threats to human rights and bodily integrity”. Interrogation involving torture and horrific inflection of mental and physical pain, while illegal, is rampant.