Born Here, Grew up Here, Where Can We go Now?

It was about nine in the morning and the sun was already blazing. In the scorching heat, under the open skies, an infant child lay exposed to the sun. Men, women and children were wandering here and there, trying to find a sliver of shade. On 5 October 2021 the administration had ruthlessly bulldozed the huts in Patna's Malahi Pakdi inhabited mainly by rag- pickers and their families. All the huts were razed to the ground; and not content with that, all goods and possessions were set afire and destroyed.

Condemn Attacks by BJP Goons in Tripura

We condemn the ghastly attack on offices of CPIML, CPIM and several newspapers by BJP goons. CPIML office in Udaipur and CPIM offices in Udaipur and Agartala were vandalised and set on fire by a mob of BJP goons on September 8. There is a complete collapse of law and order and BJP goons are ruling the roost. The BJP government in Tripura led by Biplab Deb has turned the state into a slaughterhouse of democracy.

Kisan Samvad Yatra in Maharashtra

At a meeting in Pune on 7 September 2021, the leadership of the Lal Nishan Party and the CPIML Liberation resolved to work in close cooperation for the success of ongoing people’s movements in Maharashtra and all over India, for a powerful Left assertion and growing cooperation with wide-ranging democratic forces for a powerful anti fascist resistance.  

The Fight For Education: Koilvar's School-On-The-Street Movement

Khushi Kumari's face is shining with 'khushi' (happiness). And why not, she is the 'heroine' of the Sadak par School movement that has been going on for some time in Bhojpur District's Koilvar. When asked what she wants to become, she says, “I want to join the army. But first I have to study. And for that I have to fight also.” Khushi is an Intermediate student. Her sisters Chhoti Kumari and Nikki Kumari study in 8th and 7th Standard respectively, while brother Vishwakarma Kumar is in the 3rd Standard.

Meghalaya on the Boil

The encounter killing of the former leader of HNLC, Chesterfield Thangkhiew, on 13th August has once again put Meghalaya on the boil. Family and acquaintances of Thangkhiew have alleged that his killing was a part of a pre-planned ‘fake encounter’.

Visit to Flood Affected Areas in Bihar

CPIML MLAs and prominent party leaders are visiting flood affected areas in Bihar. Politburo member Dhirendra Jha, MLA Satyadev Ram, Darbhanga District Secretary Baidyanath Yadav, farm leader Jitendra Yadav, Pappu Paswan, Dhruvnarayan Karn, Dinesh Mahto and other leaders are visiting Mithilanchal, the worst affected by floods. Local teams are active in various other affected areas.